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Merging Web Design with SEO With all the standards that you need to meet, merging SEO and Web design properly should be a priority. It is common knowledge for web designers that only the best web designs will win. Creating a new website is important but so is the need to ensure that your SEO rankings are high. The two must be done right if the merger is going to work and guarantee business success. This is something every business should adopt considering the fact that the risks of missing SEO rankings have significantly reduced over time. Multiple websites have a way of confusing clients hence the need to merge them and make it consistent for customers. With merged websites, you are able to consolidate the benefits of consistent branding and all your promotional efforts. Most SEOs may be unwilling to move sites because of the lack of guarantee especially when it comes to gains and possible losses. It is possible to minimize the risks and merge the websites without any problem. Always check the domains for potential penalties
Doing Websites The Right Way
It is important that you check the domain for manual algorithms and manual penalties. It is important to find any unnatural links to prevent possible undervaluing of the god website. Before you merge, any websites make sure that any penalties with the potential of resulting in a 301 redirect are removed. This may mean taking some time to ensure that all possible risk are eliminated. After all your aim is to achieve a site that works well without breaking the independent functions of the different two sites.
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Actual site merging You need to have a checklist that you will use to make the migration process easy. It is important to create a sitemap for the old sites. You then must create new content for the site that you are merging in addition to setting a domain and making it live. In addition to this, verification and registration of the sites is important and must be followed through. It is important to liaise with experts so that you can understand what you need to complete the merging process successfully. Merging content to the new site Content URLs need to move from old to new sites. It is important that you ensure no content is missed. You should avoid quick fixes because they result in serious SEO implications. Furthermore no one wants their readers to be redirected to the wrong sites. It is also important to make the necessary URL redirections and make your XML sitemaps submissions to Google and Bing so as not to interfere with your SEO rankings. This is important to get the right results.

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