Sitemap Perhaps my favorite part of the visit was listening to an AP English teacher named Stephanie Hyatt talk about how the Pearson digital curriculum resources and other tools had “absolutely changed” her teaching and made it more powerful. As an example, she told the story of how she capitalized on President Barack Obama’s inauguration in January. She had students work in groups to identify examples of imagery, diction and other rhetorical elements of the inaugural speech President Kennedy gave in 1960, posting the assignment on the collaboration system called Edmodo. On another day, she had the groups compare that speech with President Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address. Then, after President Obama’s speech, she asked them to compare it with the other two. But, this time, she threw her students something of a curveball. She knew from monitoring their work online that some students weren’t contributing much to their groups. So, she put those who were slacking off together. They could no longer rely on more productive students to carry the burden.