College aid Obama to extend Pell grants to some high school students

WASHINGTON — Thousands of low-income students will be eligible for federal Pell Grant money to take college courses while still in high school.

The opportunity is part of an experimental program announced Friday by the Obama administration. The Education Department said the administration will invest up to $20 million in the 2016-17 school year — helping up to 10,000 students.

High school students who take college courses through “dual enrollment” programs will be eligible. Those programs allow high school kids to take classes at a local college, often earning college credit.

“A postsecondary education is one of the most important investments students can make in their future. Yet the cost of this investment is higher than ever, creating a barrier to access for some students, particularly those from low-income families,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan said in a statement.

Pell Grants are for low-income students and do not have to be repaid.

In Utah, 36 percent of juniors and seniors — more than 27,000 students — participated in concurrent enrollment last year. Most of them took English 1010 and Math 1050, two general education courses common to almost all college students in the state, according to Spencer Jenkins, spokesman for the Utah System of Higher Education.

Utah’s concurrent enrollment program has been around for the better part of three decades and is now one of the largest in the country in terms of the percentage of students who participate.

And for good reason.

Thanks to state appropriations, students in concurrent enrollment pay only $5 per credit — a major source of savings considering tuition ranges from $123 per credit at Salt Lake Community College to $760 per credit at the University of Utah. Most students save between $1,300 and $13,500 through concurrent enrollment.

“For a student to be able to take care of those in high school really gets them that much further down the path of completing college. It’s a great incentive, and it’s one we like to see because it gets them focused on college success in high school,” Jenkins said.

But it begs the question of how much Pell assistance is needed by Utah high schoolers.

While $5 per credit is not prohibitive for most students, almost 20 percent of them are on free or reduced-price lunch, Jenkins said.

“That’s where Pell really could play a role in helping those students,” he said. “It could be that there are students really that are in need, even at that level.”

It’s still unclear how the program will roll out or whether Utah will be selected to participate in the initial pilot. Jenkins said that even though concurrent enrollment operates at such a low cost to Utah students, Pell assistance would still benefit many of them.

“We’re hoping that we’ll be one that they’ll be interested in looking at,” he said.

The U.S. Department of Education has the authority to create the pilot program under the experimental sites section of the Higher Education Act of 1965. It gives federal officials flexibility to test the effectiveness of temporary changes to the way federal student aid is distributed.

Usually, so-called “experimental site” programs last for three years. But the department is hoping that this will last for at least four years, to cover students all through high school.

The government awarded $28.7 billion in Pell Grants to almost 8.3 million students in the 2015 fiscal year. The average Pell Grant was about $3,600. The maximum Pell award for the current 2015-2016 school year is $5,775.

Since 2008, the Obama administration has increased Pell funding by 70 percent. In July, the administration announced a new experimental program, called the “Second Chance Pell Pilot” program, which extends Pell money to some federal and state prisoners taking college courses while still behind bars. Mostly prisoners who are eligible for release in the next five years will be eligible to apply.

Need of Smart Classes in Education

In learning age visual things attract more than reading pages after pages. So just imagine how wonderful it would be for students to learn chapters visually in class. The concept of smart class education is indeed a blessing to students of 21st century. Technology is changing and making life easy, education is becoming more fun to learn with visual help. The Manthan School creche in Noida follows smart class education for kids to make their learning easy and fun.

  • Smart class use all interactive module like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods are appealing to kids who are struggling with the tradition method of teaching in a classroom.
  • Smart classes are like watching movie with visuals and animation to teach and explain a point.
  • Visuals are very catching and easy for young children to relate with their lessons.
  • Information is conveyed very fast and effectively with help of audio visuals in the classroom.
  • It utilizes the time which was wasted before on diagrams and charts.
  • Smartboards have all the information in their memory so that it can be repeated in the lecture as many time kids want.
  • Top 10 schools in Delhi NCR believes in smart teaching by adding smart boards in their teaching.
  • It also helps teachers and students who have allergic reactions from chalk dust. It saves you from distress and to develop any health issues later.
  • For field trips Smartboards are more convenient for field trips than text books.
  • Visuals are definitely more attractive than descriptions of anything in few lines. Moving visuals make things more attractive and appealing for the kids to learn.
  • Every classroom has students with varied power of understanding and learning. Smart learning makes students easy to learn and understand than making notes and learning them for hours and hours to understand.
  • This type of learning promotes more interaction between teacher and student with more participation on both sides.
  • Smart classes are getting boom in best schools of Delhi NCR because is perfect for all kinds of students of all age groups.

Some of the negative side of this kind of smart education

  • Some technical faults can arise during lecture which can interrupt the learning process. It is a common concern for those lobbying against smart class education.
  • The costing factor also prevents some schools to adopt this technology. It comes with the problem of high cost of education.

The possibilities and advantage of smart classroom is endless and we can surely ignore the negativities. Adopting such a new concept can be a tough decision but it will surely make education more fruitful for young kids. It is a blessing because it makes studying more colourful and easy to learn. Teachers also enjoy this kind of education because student interaction becomes easier with a healthy classroom environment among all the students and teachers.

Six Hit Formulas must to Follow after Mobile Repairing Training

Many people doing mobile repairing course but they are not able to get sucees there are many resons behind it. In this article we are try to explain some of resons of them.

On completion of mobile repairing training in Delhi, students often fall flat as what to do to start a successful repair business or work! Confusion may lead to low performance or less concentration in the work. Here, in this article, six hit formulas will be covered that will assist a student to perform, enhance the quality services and thereby the reputation of the brand.

One: Work with Experienced Professionals

The first tip is to work only with experienced professionals. Gaining knowledge from experienced fellow helps a lot after mobile repairing training course in Delhi. It brushes the latest skills and tells more about quick tips and tricks as how to repair a particular type of fault.

Two: Provide On-Time Visits

Second tip is to provide on-time visit to the customers all the time. If you are not offering door-to-door services then you can at least check whether repair services are completed within stipulated timeframe. A good service or technical assistance is when a customer is 100% satisfied with what the offering.

Three: Competitive Prices:

The next important role is played by the factor – competitive prices. Mobile repairing training in Delhi offered by many institutes help students to understand what are the standardized charges in the mobile industry. Take help or guidance from the experts only to decide which rate list would work to gain a strong foothold in the market.

Four: Multi –Brand Repairing:

A good mobile engineer is the one who is quite flexible in repairing multiple brands! You cannot judge whether the customer is carrying a NOKIA, Sony, Samsung or any other branded phones. Hence, to attract a number of customers make sure you make full use of mobile repairing training. Execute the best mobile fault finding tips and diagnose each fault like a professional.

Five: Dedicated Service Helpline

A dedicated service helpline is enough to attain trust and loyalty of the customers. You can steadily provide technical support through phone or internet 24×7. This will connect customer with your service. Even in a job, if you are committed to help the visitor the business is likely to grow more and more.

Six: Repair Warranty:

Last but not the least, always offer repair warranty to each of the student. This enhances the quality of the mobile repairing training in Delhi. Warranty arouse a sense of responsibility in the minds of the engineers that yes you have to the deliver 100% quality at any cost.

The above six are the hit formulas that will help students to successfully establish their personal business at the initial level. Institutes like Hi-Tech offer online/offline support for the business assistance after completion of the course. Professional mobile training is successful only when a student applies his complete knowledge and strives to provide quality with complete honesty. To know moreFree Web Content, about mobile repairing training in Delhi you can contact hi-tech counselors.

Leopard Gecko Lifespan Things to Expect

How long do geckos live varies greatly with regards to the familiarity of the keeper on the proper way of caring for reptiles that’s an essential element in optimizing its ability to live longer

The time a leopard can live depends on how they’re kept in custody. Leopards are usually tough and might cause a few problems as a dog provided that they’re offered with the proper tank size and temperature, food, and whatever that keep them stress-free and healthy.

Let’s talk about the right temperature that leopards need. Use a thermostat controlled heater to keep the temperature normal between 29 — 31 degrees Celsius through the day and 22 — 25 degrees Celsius throughout the night. They so not need UV lighting since leopards are usually nocturnal. To offer gecko’s with adequate heat and lighting place a 50 – 60 watt or maybe an infra-red bulb at one end with the tank. Or hide boxes may be placed inside the aquarium with various temperatures, one to greatly help the regulate body’s temperature and other one is humid which will help them shed away from its skin to prevent infections and cause the leopards blindness. For instance if the skin near its eye doesn’t totally shed off and therefore are neglected, it will taint the eyes and may even eventually cause blindness. Also, as a result of negligence of its temperature may even make diseases that might also result in the shortening how long do geckos live.

Feeding them with the proper diet will also help boost your leopard gecko life expectancy. Generally, they’re insectivorous therefore feed the infant with small meal-worms along with crickets in small amounts since the adult gecko may be supplied with crickets, tiny cockroaches, fruit flies along with insects. Crickets which are gut loaded are best deemed as its staple foods. Geckos also eats its shed skin which is full of nutrition so don’t remove from the enclosure.

If all these factors are considered, then be sure that your gecko will live its maximum time. The common life of some of leopard sensibly depends not merely on the meals but also the environmental surroundings which your gecko is kept plays an essential role. Most likely a gecko may be alive between 10 to 19 years in the wild but for those in captivity typically is between 8 – 10 years. However, with the proper care and feeding your geckos may be live from 10 — 15 years and in some case may live as much as 20 years, though this is a rare chance but is possible.

Naturally, the ultimate factor of your leopard gecko lifespan is the one who keeps and protects its pet. The leopard’s health utilizes the way the keeper put an effort in conscientiously doing what is required to raise a healthier and vigorous gecko.

Eating Tips

Needless to say, no lizard is likely to be happy without a proper diet. Live geckos are among their favorites and you can feed them a regular diet of the live critters. Live food is not only healthier; in addition they supply the lizard with excitementArticle Search, just like they get coming from hunting their food in wild.